Aurelia: Don’t wait too long like I did and start saving for retirement as early as possible

The biggest worry for Aurelia, head of an advertising agency, startup mentor, lecturer and VU lecturer, is whether she will be able to save enough money for her retirement age. Having kept postponing the decisions that will determine her future, Aurelija now thinks differently – she suggests not delaying and taking care of her pension now.

Jurgita: It is important for me that in the future I can financially contribute to the goals of my children

Like many Lithuanian families, Jurgita’s family’s biggest expenses are expenses related to housing, children’s education and family vacations. The woman claims that she is confident about her future and shares her insights about the decisions she made so that she could live with dignity after retirement.

We join the “We Invest” initiative

We are joining “We Invest” initiative! We will share knowledge and advices about pension accumulation, index passive investing and other useful information so that there will be many more investing women in Lithuania. We are glad that Goindex board member and CIO Marijus Kalesinskas is from now on the ambassador of the #weinvest “We Invest” that gathers investing women.

Tadas Langaitis: Together with Goindex, we are seeking a change in Lithuanian pension funds

Tadas Langaitis, Chief Financial Officer of Kilo Health and one of the founders, believes that when choosing where to save for retirement, the most important thing is to think about long-term results. Like other well-known Goindex investors, he missed a pension fund in Lithuania that invests passively and does not gamble in the financial market, because such investment strategy is likely to ensure the best investment return in the long term. For this reason, he decided to join the circle of Goindex investors.

It is very easy to spend your earned money without thinking much. I choose to save now and secure not only a good tomorrow, but also the future

Design project manager and freelance designer Živilė (27 years old) looks at her future responsibly. As a person who travels a lot, she notices that retired seniors living abroad live with dignity and can afford more than people of retirement age in Lithuania.

We created “Goindex” because we missed a clear solution for saving for retirement in Lithuania

Jonas Iržikevičius, head of Goindex and one of the co-founders, says that the idea to create a pension savings company arose from a problem seen in the market: “Until now, we have missed simple, clear and cheap pension funds on the market, where we would like to save for our own retirement.”

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