We created “Goindex” because we missed a clear solution for saving for retirement in Lithuania

Jonas Iržikevičius, head of Goindex and one of the co-founders, says that the idea to create a pension savings company arose from a problem seen in the market: “Until now, we have missed simple, clear and cheap pension funds on the market, where we would like to save for our own retirement.”


The founders of the company observed how similar index pension funds in Latvia and Estonia are attracting great interest from customers. “Passively managed index funds are cheaper and simpler, and in the long term are likely to achieve a better result for the investor than actively managed funds,” says Jonas.

Traditional funds often try to guess which stocks or bonds will be the most profitable in the future and when is the best time to buy and sell them. This is called active investment management, and this is how most Lithuanian pension funds that have been operating until now are managed.

In this way, fund managers aim to beat the market, i.e. earn more than the entire market in which they invest. Unfortunately, historical results clearly show that almost all actively managed funds underperform the market in which they invest over the long term. Goindex suggests not trying to beat the market and save investment costs.

The goal of the Goindex company is to offer savers a simple, transparent and cheaper solution to save in pension II and III pillars. The co-founder of the company says that Goindex focuses only to the management of pension funds, which is why they will strive to help their clients choose solutions that suit their personal needs and situation.

“Investing in index funds has long been considered one of the smartest and most effective long-term investment strategies. Historically, index funds have outperformed other types of funds that are actively managed by top investment firms. The world’s most famous investors and economists support exactly this investment strategy. This is what we believe in, so I invite you to join Goindex” says Jonas Iržikevičius.

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