Tadas Langaitis: Together with Goindex, we are seeking a change in Lithuanian pension funds

Tadas Langaitis, Chief Financial Officer of Kilo Health and one of the founders, believes that when choosing where to save for retirement, the most important thing is to think about long-term results. Like other well-known Goindex investors, he missed a pension fund in Lithuania that invests passively and does not gamble in the financial market, because such investment strategy is likely to ensure the best investment return in the long term. For this reason, he decided to join the circle of Goindex investors.


“Historically comparing investing in passively and actively managed funds, passively managed mutual funds tend to achieve better long-term results. Goindex pension accumulation company offers its clients only passively managed II and III pension funds composed of index funds replicating the results of the global stock market and the European bond market, which are simple and transparent in their structure, usually ensure lower taxes and better long-term results than most actively managed funds,” says T. Langaitis.

Tadas adds that successful retirement savings is based on long-term regular contributions to a chosen pension fund. It is also very important to consider what management and other fees you pay to your pension manager and whether the pension fund managers are achieving their targets. “I believe that Goindex pension fund investment idea together with an experienced and professional team is a reliable and correct choice for everyone who cares about their financial stability for the future.” This team consistently adheres to its strategy of investing in broadly diversified index funds at the lowest cost,” says Tadas Langaitis.

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“People who have entered into pension fund contracts and transferred their pension funds to Goindex (including me) appreciate the simplicity of the process and modern customer self-service. I believe that this will encourage other people seeking financial stability in the future to make the right decision,” Tadas shares his impressions.

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