Jurgita: It is important for me that in the future I can financially contribute to the goals of my children

Like many Lithuanian families, Jurgita’s family’s biggest expenses are expenses related to housing, children’s education and family vacations. The woman claims that she is confident about her future and shares her insights about the decisions she made so that she could live with dignity after retirement.


“Being retired, I want to feel calm and confident, enjoy every day: drink coffee with friends in a cozy cafe in Vilnius, travel a lot and visit countries I haven’t been to yet. I want to live the way I live now – keep all my hobbies and continue to enjoy life and have more time for myself. It is also very important to me that in the future I can contribute financially to the goals of my three wonderful children”, Jurgita shares her thoughts.

Jurgita feels confident because she has already invested for her pension and is saving with Goindex. “When I was choosing a way to invest for my retirement, it was important to me that I could find as much information as possible on my own, that it was presented in an understandable, clear way – I found all this on the Goindex website. I was also very helped by the Goindex calculator, which allowed me to assess myself, what awaits me in the future. I’m not an expert, but I want to urge you to start thinking about retirement as early as possible so that you feel safe and secure about your future and that of your loved ones,” says Jurgita.


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