It is very easy to spend your earned money without thinking much. I choose to save now and secure not only a good tomorrow, but also the future

Design project manager and freelance designer Živilė (27 years old) looks at her future responsibly. As a person who travels a lot, she notices that retired seniors living abroad live with dignity and can afford more than people of retirement age in Lithuania.


“In older age, maintaining not only physical, but also mental health becomes more and more difficult, and not being able to afford the desired lifestyle can very quickly accelerate various mental and physical diseases,” says Živile.

When she will take the longest vacation of her life, Živilė wants to be a nimble, mobile pensioner who spends her time in a quality and active way – she wants to allow herself to live the same way she lives now. After seeing the clear differences between pensioners living abroad and in Lithuania and realizing what she wants in the future, she changed her pension accumulation fund and is currently accumulating in II pillar with Goindex.

“I believe that the best time to invest in retirement is after reaching the first point of increase in earnings. We probably all have set goals, how much we would like to earn in the coming year and the next, and the next… Every year I was setting a new bar for myself, underestimating the amount of income that already allows me to live according to my needs, and the additional amount could be used for future planning. Therefore, I think that most people working in my field reach this point, or even several, by the age of thirty and can freely invest in retirement even in several pillars” Živilė shares her insights.

Živilė chose Goindex because she saw a simple and clear offer and noticed the high competence of the team. “I am a visual person, so the information and services provided must not only be easy to understand, but also quickly implemented. Goindex service is provided digitally and remotely, which is extremely important for me as a person who travels a lot.

I also wouldn’t choose a company or a bank if I wasn’t convinced by their reputation and quality of services,” says Živile.

Živile also pointed out Goindex pension calculator as an advantage: “Within a few clicks and the result you get, you will definitely feel a pleasant but much needed pressure to think and potentially start saving.”

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