What makes Goindex different from other pension savings companies?


Goindex chief investment manager Marijus Kalesinskas told "Verslo žinios" in detail about the differences between Goindex and our competitors. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the most important highlights.


We take inspiration from the father of index investing, John C. Bogle, who founded the Vanguard Group and convinced that the most effective long-term accumulation is investing in low-cost index funds and maintaining discipline.


There will be absolutely no active investment management - this is our investment philosophy.


We will invest the accumulated funds passively, without trying to earn a higher return than the market through active management actions.


We believe that in the long term, active investment management does more harm than good - for example, as many as 95% of all actively managed funds operating in the US and investing in stocks directly lag behind the broad market index "S&P Composite 1500" (source: SPIVA study, 2021).


We will use both exchange-traded funds, so-called ETFs, and index funds in our arsenal. We will form portfolios from as few positions as possible (6-8 global and European index funds or ETFs) and while saving investment costs we will aim to be as close as possible to market results.


Our Tier II pension pillar fund management fees will be the lowest in the market. The management fee for target age group funds will be 0.45%, for asset preservation fund - 0.18% per year. We will not charge customers any fees when switching pension funds or switching to another pension fund company.


We will significantly reduce the cost of accumulation for customers in the III pillar pension funds - we will apply an annual rate of 0.6% in Goindex III pillar funds. We will not charge any fund, company change or contract termination fees, and we will try to make all other costs - depository, trading, audit and others - as cheap as possible for customers.

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