Aurelia: Don’t wait too long like I did and start saving for retirement as early as possible

The biggest worry for Aurelia, head of an advertising agency, startup mentor, lecturer and VU lecturer, is whether she will be able to save enough money for her retirement age. Having kept postponing the decisions that will determine her future, Aurelija now thinks differently – she suggests not delaying and taking care of her pension now.


“I think that by the age of 30 a person must have a plan for how he or she will live in old age. As soon as we start working on our first jobs, we can already set aside a certain amount of money for the future and start saving. If the first job only covers the costs of housing and basic needs, it is natural that we will not start saving large amounts right away. However, it is already possible to participate in the II pillar pension accumulation. A few percent of the salary will not significantly worsen the quality of life, but saving skills will gradually be formed in this way,” Aurelija shares her insights.

Aurelija previously accumulated in the II pension pillar, but then she stopped the accumulation. More than two years ago, she left his salaried job, founded her own business, bought an apartment – these were the reasons why she kept delaying making decisions about her future pension, but now she has made a firm decision that it is necessary to save for his pension – the sooner, the better. Aurelija says that in everyone’s life there are more expenses, but this should not be an obstacle to save for retirement, even if it is a smaller amount.

“I’d like to retire at 65, not 80 or later, so I realize I have a very limited amount of time to save for retirement.” This means that my payments must be much higher every month, just because I didn’t think earlier that I needed to take care of my future as soon as possible. I realized that only I can take care of my own well-being when I leave the active labor market”, says Aurelija.

Aurelia imagines retirement as life, not survival. She wants to allow herself to live the way she lives now – to enjoy traveling, meeting new people, having lunch in a restaurant with friends. “I want to feel happy, healthy, enjoy a well-deserved rest. If I hadn’t finally made the decision to save for II and III pillar now, I have no doubt that in 25 years I wouldn’t even be able to dream of traveling – I would have to “tighten my belt” and think about how to survive,” says Aurelija.

Aurelija changed her pension accumulation company and now accumulates in II and III pillar pensions with Goindex. “The right decisions don’t have to be complicated, and Goindex offers exactly that – a very clear and simple solution. “I became a customer in 5 minutes, everything is digitized in self-service and explained in human language. It is convenient that the contract can be signed independently online, and if some changes need to be made in the future, it can also be done remotely. I also really liked the calculator, I was able to calculate my future pension very quickly,” Aurelija shares her experience.


We believe that Aurelia's experience inspires to think about your future responsibly, tray to calculate your pension now with Goindex pension calculator.

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