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Goindex – the first pension fund management company in Lithuania, which in its activities focuses all its attention only on the activities of pension funds and offers only II pillar and III pillar pension funds composed of index funds.

The examples of similar pension accumulation companies in Latvia and Estonia, which have successfully started and are rapidly growing their customer base, inspired us to offer this time-tested long-term investment strategy in the Lithuanian market as well.

We aim to be easy-to-understand, transparent, reliable and partners seeking the best long-term results to ensure the future financial well-being of our clients.

What is the difference between index funds and actively managed funds?

Lithuanian pension funds are managed using active investment management approach (all funds are actively managed in II pillar, and the majority in III pillar). In this way, fund managers aim to beat the market, i.e. earn more than the entire market in which they invest. Unfortunately, historical results show that almost all actively managed funds underperform the market in which they invest over the long term. And fund management fees are in most cases higher than in the case of passively managed index funds.

Research shows that even in one of the most advanced markets, the US, the market eventually outperforms actively managed funds over the long term. Over the past 10 years, less than one in five actively managed funds have outperformed the market, and over 20 years, only one in nearly twenty.

Since the first index funds appeared (40-50 years ago) until today, the trend is the same all over the world – index passive investment funds outperform actively managed funds in terms of long-term results.

Because index funds track market indices, their composition is clear and transparent and changes very rarely. At that time, information on the composition of actively managed funds is often difficult to find, it is constantly changing, and the investment decisions made by managers of actively managed funds do not always pay off.

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