II pillar pension

It is projected that a pension will be only 27% of the former income in 2050, so it’s time to think about your future.

II pillar pension fund is a simple, cheap and safe option to accumulate your pension. The state also contributes to your future: 3% is allocated by you + 1.5% is added by the state.

The investment risk of the funds adapts to your age and changes with you.

Pension calculator

Want financial stability in the future? Use our interactive and simple calculator, where you can check what kind of pension you can have in the future. You will also get recommendations on how to achieve a better result.

Frequently asked questions

I am accumulating a II pillar pension in another company, can I become a Goindex customer?
Yes, you can freely choose a pension accumulation company. If you want to switch from another company, it is enough to conclude a pension accumulation agreement with Goindex.

You can conclude a pension accumulation agreement by logging into the Goindex self-service portal.
What are the contract service fees?
There is an annual fund management fee that ranges from 0.18% to 0.45% depending on the fund you invest in.

There are no fees for changing funds within the Goindex company or switching your contract to another company.
Is it possible to withdraw part of the accumulated funds without termination of the contract?
According to the law, it is not possible to withdraw part of the accumulated funds from the II pillar pension funds until you reach the retirement age. After reaching retirement age, several payment options are available depending on the size of the accumulated amount and your further choice.
Are funds accumulated in a pension fund inherited?
Yes, funds are inherited.
Where do pension funds invest?
Pension funds invest in globally diversified equities and European bonds index funds and ETFs (exchange traded funds).
What contributions will I pay in the II pillar?
Until the beginning of 2023, one of 2 accumulation options is possible: 1) 2.7 percent you save from your remuneration before tax and the state contributes 1.2% from the average salary of the country; 2) 3 percent you save from your remuneration before taxes and the state contributes 1.5%. from the average salary of the country. From 2023, only the second option will remain. You can also pay additional contributions of your choice and get a personal income tax benefit from them (up to 20% of contributions), which can reach up to 300 euros per year.
How is II pillar pension paid out?
If exactly 5 thousand euros or less accumulated in the II pillar pension fund, the pension accumulation company will have to pay this amount as a one-time payment.

If more than 5 thousand euros are accumulated in the II pillar pension fund, but less than 10,000 euros, the pension accumulation company will pay periodic payments until the recipient turns 85.

If more than 10,000 euros is accumulated in the II pillar pension fund, you will be offered to purchase a standard annuity, a standard annuity with guaranteed payment period or a deferred pension annuity (together with a periodic payment). The annuity payments will be paid by ""Sodra"". After accumulating more than 60 thousand euros, it is possible to withdraw an amount exceeding the specified amount in a single payment.

All detailed information about the payment methods you will find it on the website of the Bank of Lithuania.
How can I pay my contributions?
Contributions to the II pension pillar are calculated and transferred automatically from your salary. You can also make additional contributions to your pension savings account in a convenient way by connecting to Goindex self-service portal.
What should I do, if I was automatically enrolled in pension savings?
If you are enrolled in savings for the first time and want to save, you do not need to do anything. You can choose any other pension savings company than was assigned to you automatically. If you are included for the first time or repeatedly (in the same company where the accumulated amount is suspended) and you do not want to accumulate, then by July 1 of the calendar year you must submit a request to Sodra. You can do this by logging in to Sodra self-service.
How do I find out in which company I am accumulating the II pillar pension?
You can check this information by logging in to Sodra self-service.
What should I do if I have stopped accumulation in another company and want to update and accumulate it in Goindex?
In order to switch from another company and accumulate a pension in Goindex, you will be able to choose renewal of contributions in the Goindex self-service portal during the conclusion of the contract.
Is it possible to stop the accumulation in the II pillar?
The laws governing the accumulation of pensions in II pillar do not provide the possibility of terminating participation and withdrawing funds accumulated in the pension fund before reaching retirement age, unless the participant has been assigned early retirement Sodra's pension. Exception applies to the first concluded II pillar accumulation contract. You can unilaterally terminate the II pillar accumulation agreement concluded for the first time by notifying the pension accumulation company in writing within 30 days of the conclusion of the agreement. There is also the option of suspending payments for up to 12 months throughout the accumulation period.
Can I choose a fund other than the one I was assigned automatically according to the life cycle principle?
Yes, you can choose the fund according to your needs, but it is recommended to save in your age group fund.
How does accumulation in life cycle funds work?
Investments of funds intended for younger participants of pension funds are directed to riskier asset classes (to shares) - although their value fluctuates more, but in the long term, they allow to earn more, and the older they are – to less risky asset classes (to bonds), allowing to preserve the accumulated property. The funds change the investment proportions automatically, according to the age of the participants.
How can I sign a contract?
Connect to Goindex self-service with one of the three login methods (Smart-ID, Mobile signature or with an identity document (ID card or passport)) and with the help of a wizard, you will conclude the contract in 5-7 minutes.
How to change pension fund or company?
You can change the pension fund in the Goindex self-service portal by clicking a few buttons. In order to change the company, you only need to submit a request to the company to which you want to transfer the accumulated pension. It can be done easily on Goindex self-service portal within 5-7 minutes.
Where can I get acquainted with the pension fund's documents and reports?
All information is available on the Goindex website.
Is it save to accumulate pension with Goindex?
Yes, it is safe to accumulate pensions in Goindex. We are a licensed pension accumulation company, our activities are supervised by the Bank of Lithuania and the assets of the pension funds are kept in a depository bank (SEB bank).

More about security:
- Security from the pension accumulation company and its creditors. The assets constituting the pension fund are the joint partial ownership of the participants. These assets are separated from other pension accumulation company assets and other pension fund assets managed by the same pension accumulation company. The pension fund assets are kept in a depository. The pension accumulation company owns, uses and disposes of the property on the basis of trust law, therefore the company's creditors do not have any rights to the pension fund's assets.
- Protection against bankruptcy of the pension accumulation company. If a pension accumulation company that manages pension funds goes bankrupt, the bankruptcy administrator appointed by the court would transfer all the assets of the pension funds to another pension accumulation company for management in accordance with the procedure established by the Bank of Lithuania. Each participant could choose another pension accumulation company to which all funds accumulated in the pension fund would be transferred. Since the assets of the pension accumulation company are separated from the assets of the pension funds it manages, the bankruptcy of the pension accumulation company does not affect the amount of the participant's accumulated assets.
- Protection against greater depreciation of investments. A number of safeguards are in place to help prevent further devaluation of investments. One of the measures is investment diversification: pension fund assets, following the laws regulating pension accumulation activities, must be invested in various investment instruments, asset classes, regions or sectors. In addition, investments can only be made in certain investment instruments of specified countries, investments must be distributed in specified parts, etc.
When will I be able to use my accumulated pension?
When you will reach retirement age.
How to sign a panesion payout agreement?
You will be able to sign a pension payout contract by submitting an application to the company in a convenient way for you. You can find more information about the methods of pension payments on the website of the Bank of Lithuania.
What is a retirement annuity?
Pension annuity – a periodic pension payment from the amount accumulated in the fund is paid to the participant of the pension fund for life. You can find more information about pension annuities on Sodra's website.
What should I do if I am an heir to the accumulated assets?
In this case, you should contact the company and submit a request for the payment of the inherited part.

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